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Hamburg, Barcelona
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news JAPANESE GREEN TREE’ the meditative effect of the forest as a natural form of therapy and source of relaxation, captured by ANKE LUCKMANN as part of her ‘Tree’ collection

It’s hard to escape the magic of the forest, with its unspoiled trees and interwoven roots… ‘JAPANESE GREEN TREE’ is a series of photos from a dense and evergreen rain forest. Anke Luckmann presents us Japan as a lush green paradise. The photos were created on her last trip to Japan and are part of Anke’s ‘Tree’ collection.

The Japanese term for forest bathing is Shinrin Yoku, which translates roughly to “taking in the forest atmosphere.” It is about becoming intensively immersed in nature, about stimulation of the senses and providing relaxation for the mind. The rustle of leaves, the feeling of bark between your fingers or the smell of damp moss – the forest is chock full of impressions. Forest bathing has been widely known in Japan since the 1980s and is a part of the healthcare system. Japanese universities offer a field of research dedicated to forest medicine.

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