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MONICA MENEZ : Fashion film ‘Business as Usual’ whisks us away to the Willems Beauty Palace, cleans up at three film festivals, receives a feature in VOGUE ITALIA, plus Monica opens the pop-up store ‘The Ironic View’ in Stuttgart

With her work, Fashion Photographer and Director MONICA MENEZ thrills juries and audiences alike at film festivals. Plenty of humor, a pinch of eroticism and unusual protagonists in aesthetic sets with perfect beauty lighting are the ingredients with which she realizes advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and films. In ‘Business as Usual’, Monica whisks us away to a beauty salon in four episodes. She was inspired by the surreal humor of Jacques Tati. The film was created in cooperation with WILLEMS EYEWEAR, and the models came once again from GoSee member BRODYBOOKINGS.

‘Business as Usual’ has won the following awards: ASVOFF 2020 ‘Best Beauty’, Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival 2020 ‘Best Performance’ and Barcelona Fashion Film Festival ‘Best Art Direction’. The film is described as follows: “Business as Usual is the latest fashion film by award-winning director and photographer Monica Menez in collaboration with Willems Eyewear. Composed of four episodes, we venture into the behind-the-scenes of Willems Beauty Palace, a high-end and very exclusive beauty salon. In line with Menez’ quirky, yet flawless aesthetic, Business as Usual is inspired by the works of Jacques Tati and channels his subtle, surreal humor. Currently being showcased across the international film festival circuit, the fashion film has already won Best Beauty at A Shaded View on Fashion Film and Best Performance at Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, and was part of the London Fashion Film Festival official selection.”

One introduction was written by GoSee Video Curator NICCOLÒ MONTANARI for VOGUE ITALIA. In 'Fashion Film: Business as Usual di Monica Menez', the smart fashion film expert presents the project as follows: “Fashion films are an extraordinary tool to distract us in these times of the coronavirus. Particularly when they are as aesthetically beautiful as Business as Usual, the newest fashion film by Director and Photographer Monica Menez in cooperation with the brand Willems Eyewear… Menez and Willems Eyewear began collaborating in 2011 when the brand gave her complete creative freedom for their new advertising campaign. Menez suggested making a fashion film, which is how their first mutual video project Precious came about.” Since then, Menez has been creating fashion films which attract international attention.

Plus, Monica Menez is taking the reins from 23 November through 5 December at the pop-up store for the exhibition‘Fashion?! What makes fashion what it is?’. While the exhibition itself is affected by the current closing of cultural institutions, the store rented by the State Museum Württemberg in Stuttgart’s Calwer Straße 42-44 is still open. With the title ‘The Ironic View’, Monica presents her films and photo works and also stages visitors photographically. With ‘The Ironic View’, Monica Menez has created her very own creative playground, where film production, storytelling and creative direction are all at home.
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The new passion for textile – MONICA MENEZ shoots the short film ‘Escapade’ for the OBJECT CARPET X Ippolito Fleitz carpet collection, photographs the campaign and stages a 360° experience in the spatial installation of the new collection

A collection that thinks in new dimensions… because every carpet can be a stage. From a gigantic carpet dyeing machine to Milan – well, that turned out a bit differently due to Covid-19 and is now a film as a consequence in which carpets float and meander and wind their way through space, forming bridges, and finally flowing back onto the floor. The idea of an intriguing spatial installation to celebrate the launch of the joint carpet collection by OBJECT CARPET × Ippolito Fleitz Group was inspired by the OBJECT CARPET production site in Krefeld. The Ippolito Fleitz Group is a multi-disciplinary design studio. It designs unmistakable identities in the areas of architecture, product design and communication.

In cooperation with fashion photographer and director MONICA MENEZ as well as Tilla Goldberg, Director of Product Design at the Ippolito Fleitz Group, and her team, the carpet spatial installation became a film set. In the short film ‘Escapade’, the viewer encounters robot vacuums and carpet cheeseburgers from another world on a stage made out of carpets. The magic of the carpets becomes palpable in the short film, which at first glimpse seems more like an uber-hip music video.

OBJECT CARPET: “Carpets lay the foundation for a room’s atmosphere. For its mood, its effect, its purpose at meetings, in casual chats, sales and during times for quiet contemplation. This perspective has brought about a collection in collaboration with multidisciplinary design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, which thinks beyond surface typologies: With 8 qualities and 111 colors, with diverse structures and surfaces, with desire and passion. But free of pollutants and emissions.”

“Work on the new collection was done with knees on the carpet and heads out in the world. We wanted to weave current influences and developments deep into the products and open up new areas of application.” Lars Engelke, CEO of OBJECT CARPET and Tilla Goldberg Director Product Design at Ippolito Fleitz Group.

So, instead of enduring the hustle & bustle of a Milan trade fair – Milan Design Week had to be canceled due to Covid-19 – visitors can now walk through the spatial installation in their minds, thanks to the uber-elegant film by star Director Monica Menez, and it is 100% digital. The spot makes the structures, surfaces, colors and, above all, the impressive combinability of the products atmospherically palpable – almost as if you are physically present.

The qualities of the new collection are available as wall-to-wall carpet, custom RUGX carpet and also several self-adhesive acoustic tiles with our innovative, multiple award-winning WELLTEX® back constructions. Further information on the carpet collection is available under ifgroup.org////teppichkollektion-2020, and for more input on the spatial installation film and the 360° production – GoSee :  ifgroup.org////object-carpet-ippolito-fleitz-group or watch a wonderful interview with Tilla Goldberg and Lars Engelke, CEO at OBJECT CARPET, right here : object-carpet.com///interview-on-the-carpet
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Monica Menez photographs and directs for the new music video 'Grille' by DIE ORSONS – a rhythmic-elegant pastel dance between pompadours and XL shrimp

Together with singer Maseckes from the band DIE ORSONS, MONICA MENEZ developed the concept for the new music video 'Grille'. Production of the video in cooperation with the band carries the unmistakable, wonderfully playful signature of Monica Menez. It is applied particularly in fashion films known to win awards at international film festivals. In front of the camera alongside the band and extras for this dream in pastel stood BRODY BOOKING models with wonderful hairdos.

Die Orsons – described on a fansite as 'Rammstein with a sugar rush' – are constantly on the road. On tour, the band has to drive to the next venue far to early in the morning. So that the members still get a chance to party, Die Orsons invented the microparty. Hit the club, dance 10 minutes, give it all you got and leave the club for the next city. The first microparty in the world took place in Münster, at the famous, mystical 'Grille' – record label Chimperator Productions on the title.

Much more photo and directing work by MONICA MENEZ is available via GoSee and on her website.

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