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featured by ART ACT : Fancy some ice cream? – the photorealistic gelato varieties in V-Ray and Cinema 4D by Ralf KUNSTMANN c/o ART ACT

Perfect for these summery temperatures, we are delighted to present you the photorealistic varieties of ice cream in V-Ray and Cinema 4D by Ralf KUNSTMANN c/o ART ACT.

“A wonderful alternative to a photo shoot because his ice cream doesn’t melt!” Eva Witt-Braedt, CEO of ART ACT, tells us.

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featured by ART ACT : Bonbons in individually printed wrapping paper – JUNG SWEETS with an eye-catching motif by 3D artist Ralf KUNSTMANN c/o ART ACT

First experiments to get to the bottom of the sweet secret behind making bonbons were conducted by JUNG as early as 1828. What began back then with the manufacture of confectionaries by a small business soon developed to become an enterprise with a broad and innovative assortment. Today, JUNG is among the leading suppliers of promotional sweets throughout Europe. For the latest catalogue, Ralf KUNSTMANN c/o ART ACT delivered Photoshop work for the candymaker.

Illustration, 3D visualization and retouching are among the strong suits of Ralf Kunstmann. “Over time, I have transitioned from classic, analogue painting techniques gradually to digital media. Knowing how to create photos in a traditional way has served as the basis and the quality standard for my digital works.” See more from Ralf via ART ACT.
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