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SÉBASTIEN STAUB presents you his latest KIA EV9 project for the launch of his post production company ARQ STUDIOS

KIA EV9 – We are delighted to present you the new project by Swiss transportation specialist SÉBASTIEN STAUB. The Kia EV9 is a battery-electric 6- or 7-seater SUV by South Korean carmaker Kia.

What’s more, Sébastien has just launched his own post production company: ARQ STUDIOS.

ARQ STUDIOS is based in Switzerland but, just like Sébastien Staub – naturally works for clients around the globe. Further details are available directly via the link below or from Sébastien.

GoSee : arq-studios.com
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‘Yellow Juke Refresh - defy the ordinary’ … SÉBASTIEN STAUB stages the new NISSAN JUKE for TBWA Paris

Sébastien STAUB staged the latest bright yellow refresh of the NISSAN JUKE – creating motifs in collaboration with TBWA Paris, Else and SLSO in Spain.

With meticulous attention detail, the photographer and director presented the characteristic lines and modern look & feel of the Juke that whet the appetite for the thrill of adventure. Used by the photographer as a stylistic element were balloons – giving the scenery a playful and carefree atmosphere.

Amid picturesque backdrops and urban landscapes, the yellow Juke stands out as a symbol of bold individuality. Viewers are invited by Staub’s lens to experience the very fusion of artistry and engineering embodied by the Juke and thus bond emotionally with the brand and its vision for the future of automotive design.

The campaign showcases not only the innovative spirit of Nissan’s iconic model but also demonstrates Staub’s talent once again for capturing the essence of a brand with creativity and finesse.
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SÉBASTIEN STAUB photographs the RENAULT Oroch for RENAULT South America amid the breathtaking landscape of Chile

In South America, the Dacia models are marketed under the Renault brand name – including the Oroch pickup truck based on the Dacia Duster. What makes it so special : it comes with a flatbed and double cab.

Transportation photographer SÉBASTIEN STAUB had the pleasure of taking the RENAULT Oroch for an off-road test spin in Chile. And he created the campaign motifs presented here against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscape.

In April, 2022, the Oroch was given a facelift – i.e., a revamped design for both the interior and exterior plus new safety equipment as well as a new infotainment system. It is available either with a 1.6 liter or 1.3 liter turbo engine, boasting 118 and 170 hp respectively. The little cargo wiz is, unfortunately, only available in Latin America.

GoSee : sebastienstaub.com
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