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blog "Winter Dreamland in Metaverse"

I am a self-taught photographer from Slovakia currently living and working in the UK. I like to push the boundaries of the industry andmagazines in terms of beauty standards, oftenworking with models with disabilities. My dream is to wake up one day and the diversity willbe new normal.

Lately, while consumed by demanding long hours at my day job, l didn’t have much time left for the photoshoots. I longed for the vibrant energy of theshoot day, the connection with people, and the flowof creativity. I always wished to translate the images in my head topaper but struggled with traditional methods andsoftware like Photoshop. Now, with Midjourney, I'mbringing those long-held visions to life.

I use it as an extended tools for creativity andreferences for my upcoming shoots in 2024 In the realm of imagination, I embark on a midjourneyescape into a fantastical world where authenticity reigns. Here, I am free to unravel the threads of mytrue self, weaving through uncharted landscapes...

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